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February 15, 2011

After months of preparation, fund raising, designing, and planning, the Global Studio group has been to Ghana and back to see the school is underway!

This incredible trip began began with 17 dedicated UNCG Interior Architecture and Photography students working to prepare the school’s foundation.

We moved and laid 50lb rammed earth bricks, shoveled and packed earth to create classroom floors, learned to carry water on our heads, and endured swarms of 75+ children all the while.

We received celebrity treatment from these kids, just by holding their hands, taking their pictures and teaching them games like duck duck goose.

We made time to explore the local arts, including Kente cloth and wood carving, as well as the local wildlife preserve and architectural highlights.

The unfinished roads (or lack thereof) made for some long bumpy rides, and we spent the trip on “African Time.” We received a clear window into Ghanian culture; something that changed each of us as people, designers, and artists.

Even working with a team of village artisans, the physical work challenged each of us. Tired as we were, it proved to be some of the most rewarding work any of us have ever done.

The goodbye was bittersweet, but this trip marked the beginning of Global Studio’s active role in the improvement of elementary education across the world.

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