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Kyekyewere, Ghana


The Kyekyewere affiliate is located in the village of Kyekyewere in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It is situated in the Bosomtwe / Atwima / Kwanwoma District. Kyekyewere can be found off the main Kumasi – Obuasi road. Upon reaching Kortwi, Kyekyewere is 5 kilometres away.


Many years ago, a woman by name Nana Sefah got married to the King of the Asante kingdom, Nana Obiri Yeboah. They had three children. When Nana Obiri Yeboah died, his successor, Nana Osei Tutu gave the land upon which Kyekyewere is currently located to Sefah and her three children. The offspring of the 3 children of Nana Sefah are the current inhabitants of Kyekyewere.

Climate, Vegetation and Land use

The Kyekyewere area has two rainfall patterns, the major season, April to July and the minor season is from September to November. There is a dry spell in August, which divides the two rainfall seasons. Temperatures range between 23 and 32 degrees Celsius, while rainfall amounts are between 80mm and 100 mm. The dry Harmattan winds blow over the area during the dry seasons between the month of December and February. The vegetation is a mixture of the savannah grassland and wooded rain forest. Greater parts of the land are put under cultivation.

Population profile

The Kyekyewere village has rather a small population of 3,560 persons. Out of this figure 1960 are females while male constitute 1,600 (2000 Ghana Population Census). Kyekyewere is composed mainly of Ashantis who are the indigenes and migrant farmers from other ethnic groups in Ghana. Asante Twi is the local language widely spoken.

Religious denomination:
The vast majority of the inhabitants of Kyekyewere are Christians. The existing denominations include Pentecostals, Adventists and Presbyterians.


The majority of the population in Kyekyewere are farmers. The main crops grown include maize, cassava, tomatoes, okra, and garden eggs. Women mainly assist their spouses on the farms. There are also carpenters, masons and teachers in the village.

Habitat for Humanity Involvement

The chief of Kyekyewere, Nana Boakye Ababio learnt of Habitat for Humanity during his visit to Nkwantakese town, where the Nkwantakese affiliate is located. On his return, he sent an application letter to HFHG in Accra. A staff member of HFHG visited the community and gave them training and education on the operations of Habitat. The community mobilized some funds after signing the release from liability and constructed the first house. An affiliate committee was also put in place.

from the Habitat for Humanity Ghana affiliate information

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